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Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA)

The Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor to help unemployment insurance claimants return to work faster.  Permanently separated claimants are required to participate in the RESEA program.

Once you have received your first unemployment check, you will receive notification to participate in the RESEA program.  You will be required to register on MassHire JobQuest, attend a Career Center Seminar (CCS) and meet other program requirements, which include completing a Career Action Plan (CAP), conducting labor market research, tracking your work search activities, providing a resume, and participating in ongoing reemployment services.

All of your program requirements will be explained to you at the Initial RESEA Review, following the CCS, where you will meet 1-on-1 with a Career Specialist.

Important note about the RESEA Program

Failure to comply with the RESEA program requirements will result in a delay or loss of your unemployment benefits.

Should you seek guidance, regarding RESEA, or wish to connect with a staff member, reach out to Your journey is our shared narrative, and we're here to support and celebrate every step. Let's re-engage, learn, and continue shaping success stories together!

The major steps involved with successfully completing the RESEA Program are:

Attend a
Career Center Seminar(CCS)

Attend a
One on One
Initial RESEA Review
(Goals will be created for the Final RESEA Review)

Complete an Interim Service with a MassHire Career Center

Attend and Attain all RESEA Goals during a
One on One
Final RESEA Review

Complete a
Future Service with a MassHire Career Center

After attending a Career Center Seminar ( CCS ), watch this video which will help you prepare for an Initial RESEA Review

The slides below are shown in our CCS and pertain to RESEA

RESEA Slides

What do I need for my Initial RESEA Review and/or Final RESEA Review?

If you've already scheduled an appointment, with a staff member, for an Initial RESEA Review, You should be prepared to show proof of the following during the visits ( Virtual or In-Person ):

During the Initial RESEA Review your assigned staff member will work with you to ensure you have the following completed in preparation for the Final RESEA Review:

During the Final RESEA Review your assigned staff member will sign off on any completed goals that were created during the Initial RESEA Review and will include:

How to complete your Labor Market Research:

Goal: Labor market research is a tool to help you make decisions about your job search. As discussed in the orientation, this research is critical to understanding if there are employers seeking your skills. Completing this worksheet should help you make more informed job searching decisions about your current skills and occupation.

Requirement: As part of your job search requirement, you need to conduct labor market research on your current occupation. Please complete this form and bring it with you to the REA review session and/or your appointment with a career advisor. 

Sources: There are various websites you can browse to find the labor market information concerning your occupation. You will find some listed below. Use the information you find to answer the questions on the Labor Market Research Worksheet ( Found in the RESEA Forms button below ). 

The staff member assigned to you for RESEA can help guide you through the process of collecting and documenting the Labor Market Information ( LMI ).

The button below contains forms that you may need to complete the RESEA Program:

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do I have to complete the RESEA Program?

A. You have 5 weeks after enrollment to complete the entire RESEA Program

Q. How long do I have to attend a CCS and Attain an Initial RESEA Review?

A. You have 3 weeks after enrollment to attend a CCS and attain the Initial RESEA Review

Q. When was my "Enrollment Date?

A. The enrollment date is the date that shows at the top-right of the RESEA notification letter. This enrollment date corresponds to the day of your first payment from UI. A MassHire staff member can also verify the date.

Q. Can my UI benefits be stopped if I do not complete the RESEA Program within the deadline?

A. Yes, your benefits may be impacted if deadlines are not met

Q. Do I have to go into your office to complete RESEA?

A. We provide access to services both Virtually and In-Person. If you can connect to a Virtual Meeting ( Google Meet ), with a working camera, you can complete the Initial RESEA Review and the Final RESEA Review without going into the office. Photo ID will be required to be shown for the Initial & Final RESEA Reviews.
    We also provide workshops and other events using WebEx, so they can also be completed virtually, if you can successfully connect.

Q. Do I have to complete the RESEA Program if I've already returned to work?

A. That depends on when you returned to work and when you were enrolled in the RESEA Program.

Q. Is there a certain website I have to use to search for jobs while enrolled in RESEA?

A. No. You can search for jobs using any method that lead to gainful employment.

Q. How can I track/submit Work Search Logs and how often am I required to do so?

A. You can track your work search activity using the form available in the "RESEA Forms" button above or by entering them into UI Online when you are completing your weekly request for benefits. You must provide a minimum of 3 work search activities for every week that you requested benefits from Unemployment. When requesting benefits, you must acknowledge that you are Able, Available & Actively Seeking Work in order to receive payment from UI. The work search activity logs act as documentation that supports that statement made to UI.
    For RESEA purposes, a MassHire Career Center would have to validate those logs. If your logs are entered into the UI Online system, a MassHire staff member can instruct you how to retrieve them from UI Online.

Q. How will Unemployment know that I attended a Career Center Seminar(CCS)?

A. Attendance is handled in our system and transmitted to UI electronically.

Q. Will I be assigned a RESEA Staff Member? If so, When?

A. We do our very best to assign you to a RESEA staff member within 2 business days of attending a Career Center Seminar(CCS) or watching the Welcome to the MassHire Career Center Seminar (CCS) On-Demand Video via MassHire JobQuest. While not always possible, we make every attempt to contact you within 2 business days. Our staff will attempt to call/email using the information available to us in our system, so make sure MassHire JobQuest is updated with current information.

Q. If I failed to complete the RESEA Program within the current Benefit Year, what is the first step to get caught up?

A. Reaching out to us @ is a great start. Each case can be slightly different and a staff member can give the best guidance available. UI works in a weekly manner, so completing the RESEA Program in any week will most likely restart your benefits when requesting the following Sunday --> Saturday. Not all claims can be restarted automatically so please reach out to us or directly to UI @ 877-626-6800

Q. If I live in another state but worked in Massachusetts, do I still need to participate in the RESEA program?

A. If UI enrolls you in RESEA, you must complete RESEA in order to continue to receive benefits.